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Engineering Specialist in Structural Dynamics, Mechanical Reliability and Acoustics

We are a specialty engineering company for structural dynamics and acoustics, committed to the challenges of low-carbon mobility and green energy.

Our team, made up of men and women with a passion for technology, brings creativity, technical expertise and innovation to our industrial clients, who have a strong need for skills to meet the challenges they face in mechanical engineering of systems and infrastructures. Our employees are committed to working alongside our clients to understand and meet the challenges of tomorrow’s industry. Our teams develop methods and pragmatically implement innovative solutions to co-create technological responses and provide concrete solutions to environmental issues.

We rely on collective intelligence and expertise to create value. Transmission is an integral part of our DNA. We make the Vibratec Group’s expertise accessible to our employees, who follow truly personalized training programs, enriching their ideas with the support of the Group’s experts.

We like to get to the bottom of problems, to support the launch of new products, the start-up of new installations and the commissioning of new infrastructures.

For over 18 years, we have been a long-standing partner to many key players in the mobility and transportation sectors.

We use our talents and expertise to help transform the world: a world that is sustainable, economical and preserves life on the planet.

Our ambition is to be No. 1 in our fields, deploying our know-how to help our clients meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Complementary subsidiairies

Vibrateam provides its clients with local specialist engineers who work closely with their teams.

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Vibratec is a consulting engineering company providing high-level consulting services through experts assigned to specific projects.

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A truly international consulting firm:
bringing our know-how to our clients, wherever they are.

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MicrodB develops software and hardware for identifying and characterizing noise sources.

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Vibrateam joined the SITES group in May 2023

Independent leader in structural health monitoring, SITES is an engineering company dedicated to ensuring the durability of exceptional structural assets, in the face of aging, use and operation.

A pioneer and leader in the durability of sensitive infrastructures and equipment, SITES has added to its expertise in vibration, acoustics and signal processing with the acquisition of the Vibratec group and its subsidiaries: Vibratec, Vibrateam and MicrodB.

With over 10,000 structures monitored in France and abroad, SITES experts are involved throughout the life cycle of structures and equipment in the fields of decarbonized energy (nuclear, hydraulic, wind), road and rail transport, building and living environments, to maintain high levels of safety and availability.
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CSR Policy

Since its foundation, Vibratec has been committed to contributing to the challenges of sustainable development, both for its employees and in its economic actions.

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QSHE Policy

The aim of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) policy is to actively contribute to Vibratec’s performance and long-term viability, based on the principles of continuous improvement and sustainable development.

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