Employee Ambassadors

Louis – Graduated Engineer

“As a young engineer in acoustics and vibrations, Vibrateam has enabled me to integrate the professional world naturally, thanks to its high-quality follow-up and the support of a sponsor with technical expertise.”


After graduating from the ENSIM with a specialization in Acoustics, Vibration and Sensors, I spent 3 weeks in the Ecully head office prior to the assignment, taking part in job-specific training courses and mastering the tools and software I needed. This training enabled me to consolidate my theoretical and practical knowledge of the automotive industry. During my integration, I was also able to discuss business issues and technologies with experts from the Vibratec group.

I then started work as a Vibration and Acoustics Engineer on electric and hybrid powertrains for our vehicle manufacturer client.

In my day-to-day work, as part of improving the quality and productivity of calculations, I study vibration and acoustic radiation on various engine parts/assemblies. My mission breaks down into three main activities: management / analysis / implementation of improvement solutions.

Vibrateam enables me to follow training courses throughout the year on subjects that are both essential to my job and cross-functional. I can also call on the support of the Group’s technical managers, which enables me to develop my skills.

There are very good internal relations and communication within the team. Events such as after-work sessions and team seminars also help to forge close ties.

Cyril – Computation Engineer

“Vibrateam is a core business linked to my training. There’s a real diversity of offers, which has enabled me to occupy various high-skill positions for over 10 years.”


I discovered the company through its strong presence in engineering schools. Indeed, it was thanks to one of my professors at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM who told me about Vibrateam and its expertise that I was encouraged to apply to work for the organization.

I joined the company in January 2012 and started working in project support for Vibratec for 6 months. I then went on to carry out a number of 12- to 24-month assignments in different fields such as automotive and aeronautics. I worked on setting up calculation methodologies for complex and varied projects in structural fatigue, vibro-acoustics and dynamic aeroelasticity, in order to optimize the design and maintenance of client products. I’ve now been working for 5 years on an assignment involving load calculations in the aeronautic industry.

Théo – Measurement and test technician

 “Having just graduated with my professional degree in acoustics and vibration, I joined Vibrateam as a Measurement and Testing Technician. I didn’t expect to be entrusted with such technically advanced missions at the start of my career. But I have to say it’s been a really stimulating experience for me.”


For over 5 years now, I’ve been supported by expert teachers within the company, who help me to better understand the most complex aspects of my job. Their commitment to passing on their know-how and expertise enables me to make rapid progress in my role.

Working in such a dynamic and demanding environment also gives me the opportunity to contribute to complex and varied projects. I’m grateful to be part of a company that focuses on the training and development of its employees, and I’m convinced that this experience will benefit me throughout my professional career.

There are also very good internal relations and communication within the team. Events such as after-work sessions and team seminars also help to forge close ties.

Armand – Computation Engineer

“A few months ago, I left the Vibrateam adventure after 3 years, not without regret, to join Vibratec Asia Pacific. These 3 years have been rich in learning and discoveries.”


I worked on ambitious projects, which enabled me to acquire new skills in acoustics and structural dynamics.

I was able to take advantage of numerous technical training courses given by Vibratec experts.

I had the opportunity to meet the Vibrateam team at seminars, cross-functional training courses and other events.

Not forgetting, of course, the presence of Cécile GUERINE and Laurence ERARD, who supported me throughout this first experience, but also in my professional development within the Vibratec group.

I highly recommend Vibrateam for its SME spirit, its values and its technical expertise.